Receiving Deliveries

RECEIVING PARCEL DELIVERIES (usually <150lb shipping weight)

Carriers will leave item(s) at your address. No signature is required. Tracking is provided so that you may make arrangements for delivery directly with the carrier, if desired. After delivery, immediately inspect for damage to the product. Report any damage with photos to within 3 days or carrier insurance will be denied and we will not be responsible for replacing or accepting damaged items. 

RECEIVING FREIGHT DELIVERIES (usually 150lb+ Shipping Weight)

You will receive a tracking number. Freight companies will contact you with a delivery day and time window (usually 4-hour timeframe). You are responsible for arranging/re-arranging a day and time that works for you to be on site during delivery to inspect your packages and sign for them. Re-delivery fees will be the customer's responsibility. By signing the delivery receipts, you are confirming that the item was delivered in 100% perfect condition unless otherwise noted on the shipping bill (called a “proof of delivery” or “bill of lading”.)


If you do not report missing boxes or damage to your products according to the proper protocol you waive your liability to file shipping insurance and we will not be responsible for damages or concealed damage.

If you sign the bill from the delivery driver without inspecting/documenting box count and/or damage, even if rushed by the driver, we are not responsible for shipping damage or missing items discovered after signing of the bill of lading and the carrier leaving the premises.

(Note: Manufacturer’s defect is different than shipping damage. See manufacturer's warranty information on specific product page.)

Check the shipping bill from the delivery company (called a Proof of Delivery POD or Bill of Lading BOL) to make sure you have received:

    1. All boxes for your order, and
    2. None are damaged. REPORT MISSING BOXES to the driver and have the driver (or you) note it in writing and sign it on the shipping bill. REFUSE ALL DAMAGED ITEMS. If you see ANY damage to the box, open it to inspect the product inside. REFUSE DAMAGED ITEMS and have the driver (or you) note it in writing and sign it on the shipping bill. Take photos of the damaged box(es) and/or item(s) you are not accepting.
    3. Even if the box(es) do not appear damaged, you should still inspect the contents inside the box(es) for damage. 
    4. Keep a copy of the shipping bill. If the driver tries to rush or not allow inspection, insist that the manufacturer requires it and do not sign the shipping bill until every item in each box has been inspected for damage. If the driver simply does not allow inspection of contents or says you must take "all packages or nothing," write on the shipping bill: “Possible concealed damage. Driver did not allow inspection.”  Take photos of each package, no matter if in good condition.
    5. Send a copy of the shipping bill via email to along with any photos of the damage within 3 daysso that we may file the insurance claim.

Damaged items may not be returned/replaced if not noted on the bill of lading (shipping bill). Check listing for return policy for undamaged goods.