Worlds Largest Pac Man plus Galaga 108 inch Billboard Screen 2 Player Arcade Game


Pac-Man is Back and Bigger than Ever! 


Well here is your chance to play the classics like you never have before! Bandai Namco x Raw Thrills will light up your room with the World’s Largest Pac-Man.

Now includes the classic arcade game, Galaga!

Pac-Man is back and BIGGER than ever! The huge 108″ LED game screen will stop you in your tracks and the familiar classic gameplay of Pac-Man will keep you playing for hours for that high score! LED billboard technology creates a new, unique appearance to a beloved arcade classic!

2 Player Simultaneous Play - Players can cooperate to complete the mazes in Pac-Man. The controllable characters will be a different color to add to the fun and avoid player confusion. The Bragging screen at the end of each completed level shows which player “ate the most dots”, "most ghosts” etc!

New features: Players can now continue the game by inserting more credits after their lives are lost. Earnings climb higher thanks to the unique “co-op” game mode where you and a friend can tackle the mazes together! The Left side player gets classic Yellow Pac-Man and on the Right is Green Pac-Man. Clear out those mazes together and post your high score to the leaderboards. Easily adjust the number of lives given to the player for Pac-Man. World’s Largest Pac-Man will offer flexibility for future updates to increase the amount of available classic game titles for the player to choose from. Purchase a continue after you lose your last life. Continue where you left off to try and break the high score.


  • Arcade Exclusive – you’re not going to find this game on any PS4 or Xbox One! Software designed by Raw Thrills for Bandai Namco 
  • 1-2 players – 2 can play at the same time! Adjust the distance of the control panel to the screen to fit your needs
  • Giant “Video Billboard” screen using RGB/multi-color LEDs. Iconic Pac-Man artwork on the control panel and on the game screen cabinet
  • Continue feature
  • Leaderboards with 8 letter spots for longer names and 10 player slots


Set Up:

Width: 67"
Depth: 28"
Height: 104"

Width: 33"
Depth: 28"
Height: 41"

Width: 78"
Depth: 44"
Height: 58"
Weight: 678 lbs

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