by Nancy Koziol August 21, 2022 3 min read

Aaaaaah… there’s just something about that first cup of coffee, right? Your morning coffee ritual sets up the day. If that’s true, why stand in line, grab it and then drink it while commuting or shuttling the kids to school? Don’t make it an afterthought. The addition of a home coffee bar lets you make time and space for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Your Perfect Coffee Machine

The most important part of your coffee ritual is the right machine. And, we’d argue, the right two machines. While you want one for hot coffee (think espresso-based drinks) adding an option for cold drinks is a worthy investment. After all, throwing ice in coffee defeats the purpose by diluting the taste.

Starting your home coffee bar planning with the machines you need makes sense because this is the most important part of this area of your home. You’ll want to start with your machine and then decide on the other touches.

Hot Coffee

When it comes to coffee, you need a machine that will reliably brew the perfect coffee every time. If you keep it simple, or don’t have a ton of space, we love this La Pavoni Italian-crafted machine for a reliable espresso every time. Its exceptional craftsmanship comes in a few different looks, allowing you to select the one that perfectly reflects your space or personality.

Chrome gives a sleek modern feel and fits almost any aesthetic whereas a gold tone adds opulence to a warm or candlelit space. 

If you go with a compact professional machine like this one, don’t forget to get a bean grinder! These can be hidden away in a cupboard or sideboard to save space. The Smart Grinder by Breville is a great option that lets you control every aspect of your beans. Your coffee will quickly level up! Also, it comes in nine colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for your space.

For those who drink more coffee or have a little extra space, we can’t get enough of this La Pavoni with a built-in bean grinder. It’s perfect for your home coffee bar, reliable and sturdy with rave reviews and everything tucked into one machine.

Cold Brew

Let’s face it, sometimes you want the flavor and pick-me-up of a good cup of coffee but hot coffee just won’t hit the spot. Rather than dump coffee into a glass and dilute it with ice–eiuw!–keep delicious, home-made cold brew on hand in a kegerator.

Kegerators are essentially college dorm fridges outfitted with kegs and taps to keep large amounts of beverages stored, cold and ready to pour at a second’s notice just by pulling the tap. No pumping or waiting required! 

Depending on your space, you can look for stainless or black options; whichever suits your space.

We recommend considering a multi-tap kegerator. If this allows you to have cold brew in flavors, a non-caffeinated version or, beer or wine on tap for when it’s not coffee you need!

Other Machine Options

While your home coffee bar needs coffee, there are a few other machines to consider for the space! If you are making this part of your kitchen or dining area, consider a wine fridge that holds a variety of beverages at just the right temperature.

And while we’re all about coffee today, the addition of an electric kettle will keep your tea-loving friends and family happy. Check out the linked one in a gorgeous retro blue or shiny red.

Stay tuned for a future blog where we dive into other ways to outfit your home coffee bar.

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