by Nancy Koziol June 09, 2022 3 min read

The clack of pool balls breaking at the start of that anticipated game. The riffle of a fresh deck of cards or cascade of dice on felt. There’s something about the sounds associated with game night that just raise your excitement level. What could be better than having these just a few steps away from your kitchen or living room? Nothing. Home game rooms are a great way to encourage fun with family and friends. Whether the kids have grown or you’re moving into a new space, reserving a room for games is a great idea. Today, we’re sharing our round-up of game room ideas so that you can make that idea a reality.

Getting Started: Gathering Your Game Room Ideas

When it comes to a game room, there’s lots of things to consider. Do you need it to be kid friendly? Do you prefer tabletop gaming, like card and board games? Or would you rather focus on games with a more physical aspect, like pool or darts? What about your aesthetic needs? Do you want something that is modern? Or is a retro game room more your vibe?

Start by thinking about the types of games you’d like to play most. From there, think about your desired look for the room. Finally, round out your offerings with pieces that match the look and feel and be sure to include some variety so that things never get dull (and your guests always have an option!).

Ideas for Themed Game Rooms

We just love the idea of a themed game room. Whether you want to support your favorite team, show your pride in your military service or choose a custom inscription, everyone will know where you stand when they step inside to play pool on this table. And don’t worry, the table is elegant, with French-style drop pockets and customizable legs, so it is still the luxurious pool table you want.

pool table with drop pockets and custom engraving

With options for felt color, finish and legs, this is the perfect table to show off your sense of style while keeping things classy. 

To stay on theme, don’t go overboard with the logo and paraphernalia, but consider adding elements in a similar wood finish. Pool will get old fast if it’s the only option, so why not add a gaming table with built-in storage? This is one of our favorite ideas for elevating your home game room because it serves multiple purposes, keeping your space clean and clutter-free. The table has a wood dining top with storage underneath. Flip the top and you’ll find a vinyl-padded gaming surface, perfect for card, dice and board games, with built-in cup holders.

gaming table with vinyl-padded surface and drink holders

If there’s room, a custom-engraved shuffleboard table is an excellent choice for a themed-game room.

Finally, a darts cabinet that holds pool cues rounds out the game-night experience and completes the themed game room of your dreams.

A few accents, like a corner bar, has room for glassware, framed accents aligned with your theme, and includes a mirror: a perfect touch in any space.

Retro Arcade

For some, a game room invokes a nostalgic air, reminiscent of the chrome, lights, pixels and chaos of the pinball alley at the arcade mall. If this is more your speed, consider creating a room around video and arcade games.

game room with video and arcade games

Who doesn’t love the excitement of pounding the flippers to keep a chrome ball romping around a pinball machine? The best part? Pinball machines come in so many options you can select from music, movie or other themed machines. Whether you want a line of machines standing in homage to your favorite classic bands or a nod to television hits, it’s a great way to start building a game room if your ideas lean toward a retro game room.

Just like a themed game room should offer options beyond pool, consider rounding out your room with other options, like video games. While a full wall is fun, save that for pinball because we love this cabinet-style video game with a selection of 130 games that can be played solo or competitively between two simultaneous players. 

Because video games and pinball can be solitary, add a classic competitive game or two. Every retro game room needs air hockey, whether in an understated or more lively option. But air hockey isn’t the only fun option for competitive play. Shoot hoops, challenge someone to foosball or re-live summer evenings at the seaside midway no matter what the weather is outside.

Ready to Get Your Game Room Going?

If these ideas have inspired you, get shopping! Or, stay tuned for more game room ideas in future blogs. Next week we’re serving up our favorite frozen margarita recipes.

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